Ambassade Hotel

Inspired by literature and art


The Ambassade Hotel holds a special appeal for authors and artists. Could it be that its stimulating atmosphere is enriched by the dreams of the thinkers and creative artists from all around the world who stay here? Guest cannot fail to be inspired by the unique library and the numerous pictures and objects you encounter everywhere in the hotel, all chosen for their artistic appeal.

Famous authors and artists.

The Ambassade Hotel is greatly appreciated by writers the world over. Many years ago, the tradition evolved of asking every author who visited the hotel to sign a copy of his or her latest work and write a few words in the guest book. In the course of time this has given rise to an extensive library of hand-signed works from world famous writers. Philosophers, scientists, producers, actors, photographers, painters, musicians, architects, politicians and other prominent figures from the public domain also stay at the Ambassade Hotel. In the library you will find the numerous guest books containing the collected entries of all these famous guests. Please ask at reception if you would like to see them.

Modern art as a delightful contrast.

Carefully selected works of art likewise enrich the character of the Ambassade. Everywhere you look there are paintings, drawings, sculptures and other works of art – in the rooms as well as in the foyer, breakfast room, lounges and corridors. The emphasis on works of classical modernism offers an engaging contrast to the dignified ambience of the 17th century canal belt. Most works were created by the Cobra group of artists, founded in 1948, in which artists from Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands worked together. The name CoBrA is derived from the first letters of the capital cities: Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam. Cobra’sleading lights, whose works are represented in the hotel, include the likes of Karel Appel, Asger Jorn, Alechinsky, Eugène Brands, Constant, Corneille, Lucebert, Lotti van der Gaag, Anton Rooskens, Shinkichi Tajiri en Theo Wolvecamp. The Ambassade Hotel also owns an interesting collection of works from the Amsterdam Impressionism. This art movement of the late 19th century brought on many famous artists such as George Breitner, Isaac Israëls and Willem Witsen, whose works can also be found throughout the Ambassade Hotel.