The Ambassade Hotel celebrates

75 years CoBrA art

This year marks 75 years since the revolutionary CoBrA movement was founded in Paris. It goes without saying that the Ambassade Hotel wishes to celebrate this anniversary year with you.

As many already know, at Ambassade Hotel art takes on a prominent role: the hotel owns an impressive CoBrA-art collection, with over 800 artworks on display in the public areas and in all hotel rooms. The interior of each hotel room is individually decorated and completed with a unique CoBrA artwork which matches the color palette. In the Library Lounge, located next to the Library Bar, portrait photos of many Cobra-artists are displayed on the walls.

This remarkable 75th CoBrA-anniversary will be celebrated at the Ambassade Hotel in various ways, one of which is a special hotel package for our guests.

“CoBrA stole my heart”

“CoBrA stole my heart… and, as always with the big loves of your life, it came like a bolt out of the blue. Suddenly, my breath was taken away by the sight of all these amazing things: the colours, the freedom, the playfulness, the unconventional, the experiment, the intuitive… I hardly knew where to look next. It was overwhelming – all those hundreds of artworks in countless variations.

Oil paintings, work on paper, sculptures of all types and sizes that dripped with passion… in forty years they had lost none of their power, on the contrary. I stood there rooted to the spot and had goosebumps all over.

That moment of amazement was at an exhibition in De Nieuwe Kerk, Dam Square in 1988, I was so inspired by all those art-pieces; at that moment Cobra gained my very interest. 

I am grateful that our Ambassade Hotel Collection, including our signed books (over 5.000) and guest books, has found such a beautiful location on Amsterdam’s Herengracht and Singel, which is now accessible to a wide audience.”

− Wouter Schopman, owner


Fascinating, experimental and eccentric

CoBrA (an acronym of the capitals from which the founding members came: Copenhague, Bruxelles and Amsterdam) is one of the most important avant garde movements after World War II.

Discover the story behind the movement in our CoBrA blog.

Are you looking for a unique experience?

Let us surprise you with our CoBrA 75 – Special Hotel Offer…

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CoBrA 75 Special Hotel Offer

To celebrate this special anniversary with our guests we have a special offer package including:

–  Stay in your preferred room type

– Extensive breakfast

– Guided tour of the CoBrA art collection

– Colorful CoBrA cocktail invented by our head-bartender

Discover CoBrA within the Ambassade Group

The vision of the owner of the Ambassade Group is to offer a unique cultural meeting place for Amsterdam residents & visitors. CoBrA plays a major role in this. CoBrA is not only to be found within the hotel, but all companies within the Ambassade Group are connected to CoBrA art.

Find out below where you can immerse yourself in this extraordinary art movement.


CoBrA 75 years | celebration at the Ambassade Hotel

We will host an event for a group of people from the art community with an interesting connection to CoBrA.

There will be a culinary lunch at Restaurant Ambassade, an introduction to our CoBrA collection and an introduction to the art at the Ambassade Art Gallery.

In the Ambassade Art Gallery visitors may enjoy interesting talks by an art expert, and/or CoBrA devotees.

More information coming soon…

Read more about the Ambassade Hotel

The Ambassade Hotel is a charming hotel conveniently located in the heart of Amsterdam’s Canal District within walking distance of the main museums, popular shopping areas and historic landmarks. Spanning fifteen original canal houses that were built during the 17th century, the hotel has retained its classical, historic character and allure and offers a unique opportunity for you to experience.

Restaurant Ambassade & the Library Bar

Enjoy fine dining in a beautiful restaurant, surrounded by colourful paintings from famous Cobra artists. Restaurant Ambassade offers a French-International cuisine with a modern twist, in combination with fine wines. Or enjoy a stylish drink in our library with 5000 signed books. In our Library Bar we serve classic cocktails, a selection of the best beers and delicious cappuccinos.

Art & Literature

The Ambassade Hotel holds a great interest in art and literature. The management of the hotel started with the collection of CoBrA art in late 2001. At the time of writing the collection contains over 800 works of art. Besides that, you will find a unique collection of more than 5000 signed books by authors who have all stayed at the hotel, in the Library Bar.

Curious? Enjoy a virtual walk through the Ambassade Hotel

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