Hotels for trees

Plant a tree during your stay

The Ambassade Hotel offers an easy and transparent way to compensate (a part of) the CO2 impact during your stay. Plant a tree by saving room cleaning costs and support The Ambassade Hotel and ‘Hotels for Trees’ in making the hotel industry more sustainable.

How does it work?

Step 1

Book your multiple-night stay at the Ambassade Hotel.

Step 2

Inform our staff before or during your stay when you would like to plant one or more trees.
Or hang the unique ‘Hotels for Trees’ door hanger outside your room for one or multiple days.

Step 3

On these days your hotel room will not be cleaned. The total number of rooms featuring the ‘Hotel for Trees’ hanger will be noted.

Step 4

The total number of trees planted by our guests is shown on the ‘Hotels for Trees’ website.

Step 5

The Ambassade Hotel donates five euros for each tree.
‘Hotels for Trees’ ensures that the corresponding number of trees will be planted.

How many trees are already planted?