Green Globe

For several years we have been a proud member of Green Globe; the highest standard for sustainability worldwide. With this membership we demonstrate our ambition to make a positive contribution to people and nature.

Taking responsibility for the environment is a matter of course for us. Below we offer an overview of some examples of sustainable measures we choose to take for the preservation of our planet.

View the Sustainability Management Plan (PDF), the sustainability infographic, or view practical examples of our CSR intentions below.

Energy efficiency

Green energy

The Ambassade Hotel obtains green energy from Audax Renewables. Audax Renewables’ energy comes from European wind.

Energy saving

In order to save energy we ask our guests to notify us when they do not require a change of towels in their rooms.

When it comes to the decoration of the hotel we pay attention to energy saving as well. Examples are the replacement of old light sources for sustainable LED lighting, the installation of CO2-driven ventilation, double glazing and other forms of efficient climate control.

Hotels For Trees

The Ambassade Hotel is proud partner of Hotels for Trees. Plant a tree by saving room cleaning costs and support the Ambassade Hotel and ‘Hotels for Trees’ in making the hotel industry more sustainable.

Sustainable transport

The Ambassade Hotel offers its guests sustainable transport options such as rental bikes, tickets for public transport and electric taxi’s.

Sustainable products


All linen in the rooms is GOTS and Fairtrade certified. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) requires that textiles are produced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Social responsibility

Given the monumental status of these centuries-old buildings, in 2010 even classified as world heritage by UNESCO, the Ambassade Hotel has continually ensured that these unique buildings are preserved and at the same time future-proofed. Caring for these monuments requires a specific kind of sustainable thinking.

Less plastic

The use of plastic and packaging is reduced by replacing plastic straws with biodegradable straws and products from wholesalers are delivered in reusable crates. In addition, all waste is separated.

Local & seasonal

The menu’s of Restaurant Ambassade are preferably composed on the basis of seasonal and regional products.

People & Education

Art & Culture

The Ambassade Hotel collaborates with schools and local businesses. For example, as of 2017, the Ambassade Hotel is a proud sponsor of the orchestral company Amsterdam Sinfonietta and the Mokums Mecenaat. Also, several events have been organized, such as literary and musical salons. Furthermore, the Ambassade Hotel has started a new cultural initiative:
the Ambassade Art Gallery.

People & Finance

For several years now, the hotel’s banker has been the Triodos Bank. Triodos invests in initiatives that have a positive impact on the world around us. They finance better care for vulnerable elderly people and children and contribute to reducing food waste and producing cleaner energy.


Sustainability training is provided for all Ambassade Hotel employees. In addition, they are actively encouraged to contribute to issues of quality and sustainability.

Green Globe

About Green Globe

Green Globe is the internationally recognized sustainability label specifically designed for the travel and hospitality industry. Green Globe supports organizations in establishing their economic, social and environmental sustainability policies. It offers a complete system for travel and hospitality organizations to continuously manage, monitor and improve their sustainability processes.

Green Globe Gold

Since 2021, the Ambassade Hotel is proud “Green Globe Gold status” holder. This status marks the fifth consecutive year of successful completion of the Green Globe sustainability program.

Green Label Service

Green Label Service conducts audits at the Ambassade Hotel to maintain Green Globe status annually.
Since 2017, we have had the annual pleasure of hosting Chrissy van Meersbergen and presenting her with our developments in this matter.