Seized by the expression, the management of the Ambassade Hotel started with the collection of Cobra art in late 2001. At the time of writing the collection contains more than 800 works of art. 

CoBrA was an avant-garde art movement founded in 1948 by a group of artists from Copenhagen, Brussels, and Amsterdam. The name CoBrA is an acronym for the cities in which the artists were based. The movement rejected the prevailing academic style of art and instead focused on spontaneous, expressive, and primitive art forms. CoBrA artists drew inspiration from children’s art, prehistoric and tribal art, as well as the works of artists such as Vincent van Gogh and Paul Klee. The movement was short-lived but had a significant influence on subsequent art movements, particularly on Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art. The CoBrA artists sought to create a new artistic language that was free from the constraints of tradition and celebrated the vitality and spontaneity of life.

“It was the internationalism and the joint sum of the artists and writers that made CoBrA what it became. They pushed each other to the limit.” – Esther Schreuder in ‘CoBrA on the Canal’